01. 06. 2004

Traces of Thoughts on Language

Anything can be said and, in consequence, written about anything.

Only language knows no conceptual, no projective finality.

We can say any truth and any falsehood.

There is construction and annihilation.

It is for this imperative reason that ritual, liturgical, canonic codes of saying [...] strive to close, to circumscribe word and world by means of taboo [...]. Here resides the true sense in the depth of the Judaic prohibition on the enunciation of the name or [...] the Name of the Name, of God. Once spoken, this name passes into the contingent limitlessness of linguistic play, be it rhetorical, metaphoric or deconstructive.

Chaos, too, is boundless and free.

In Judaism, unending commentary and commentary upon commentary are elemental. [...] The text of the Torah [...] and the concentric spheres of text about these texts, replace the destroyed Temple. [...] In dispersion, the text is homeland.

George Steiner in Real Presences

Language crises around the last end of the century - reaction to the release of language from taboo? Tiredness in the face of the speakable?

What revives language? Individually? Socially?

We haven’t stopped talking in spite of numerous deaths of language.

The Chandos Letter.

Internet as an endless talmudic conversation. Also homeland? To whom?